Fantastic Power Flushing in Taunton, Somerset

When your system gets full of gunk there’s only one thing for it. You require power flushing, and this is something that our expert team is more than happy to undertake. This is a system and boiler cleaning service and it helps your heating system to run efficiently and safely. JGF Heating & Plumbing has been undertaking this service for years, and we’ve found it to be incredibly effective. Call us today to enquire about this service.

What Is Power Flushing?

This is the process of forcibly cleansing a heating system and removing the built up sludge and corrosion deposits within. The process restores the circulation of your system and stops unusual noises coming from the boiler. The water used is flushed through at a high velocity, while staying at a low pressure. This ensures that there’s no internal damage to the system.

In short, power flushing removes the deposits and pre-empts the problems that they may cause.

The Services We Offer

We use Kamco power flushing, and this is one of the biggest names in the field. Typically, we focus on two areas; new installations and existing installations.

New Installations

New systems often contain excess flux, swarf, and other debris that needs to be cleaned, as well as grease and oils that are used to prevent rusting. Power flushing is the best way to get rid of these substances, ensuring that everything is clean, and starting as you mean to go on.

Existing Installations

Power flushing a boiler prior to fitting or firing up a new boiler or existing system is always a good idea. This helps to prevent future problems an clears sludge and other materials that have built up over the years.

The existing debris in the boilers moves around when other work is taking place, and this becomes a problem if it reaches the heat exchanger. As well as making the operation much noisier, it could lead to complete failure of the boiler. Modern boilers are more susceptible to this problem due to their compact size and high efficiency. This being the case, it really is worth getting this work done.

Call us, in Taunton, Somerset, to enquire further about our power flushing and boiler cleaning.

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